Thursday, October 13, 2011

World Business Forum engages E-town College team

Dr. Petru Sandu
by Dr. Petru Sandu, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Management, Elizabethtown College

The World Business Forum took us to a journey into our future, sometimes intriguing but always fascinating. Most presentations were invitations to dream and grasp our common future while making the audience aware of many challenges ahead.

As a result of this creative environment, the team of students and faculty from E-town were engaged in impassioned discussions on many conference topics. The main debate was on how our education, careers, and social life could be touched by  the various economic, business, social, and cultural trends presented by leading thinkers. This event is an opportunity to challenge what you know and motivate you to further explore and create.

Dr. Sandu was a member of a five-person team of three E-town College faculty members and two students who attended the 2011 World Business Forum, sponsored by The High Companies.

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