Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Business Forum Allows Student to Apply His Learning

by Marc C. Weber, Class of 2012, accounting major at Elizabethtown College

How can one describe being in the same room as a former President, a former Treasury Secretary, CEOs, and other influential business leaders? Humbling? Intimidating, perhaps? Attending the World Business Forum was an amazing experience because not only did I get the privilege to listen to these influential individuals speak about current issues in business and leadership, but also because I had the opportunity to critically analyze their points of argument, reconsider some of my previously held beliefs, and, in some cases, disagree with their points.

Student attendee Caitlin Setlock's photo of Bill Clinton at WBF 2011

Although the forum was only two days long, I felt that I was able to apply so much of the knowledge that I acquired through my education. When Bill Clinton stepped up to the podium, everybody including myself stood up to give him a standing ovation. Being a student, I could easily become overwhelmed by the fact that Bill Clinton was speaking to me and easily agree with everything he said. When he began to speak, however, I analyzed his arguments from an objective standpoint and formulated my own thoughts. For example, Bill Clinton is a huge proponent of opening up the credit markets to small businesses so that they can recover from the recession by expanding both domestically and internationally. While I am in favor of small business expansion, I do not believe that opening up the credit markets in the manner that Bill Clinton proposes is the correct way to promote expansion. Credit markets need to be somewhat open, but at the same time allowing deserving business access to funds while limiting the access to funds to non-creditworthy businesses.

Attending the World Business Forum was truly an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience. I never attended an event at which I applied myself as much as I did at the World Business Forum. Learning from world business leaders, interacting with Elizabethtown College professors Dr. Sandu and Dr. Neuhauser and fellow student Caitlin Setlock on a personal level, and just visiting New York City was an experience that I will be forever grateful for.

Marc was one of a team of five faculty members and students who attended the World Business Forum representing Elizabethtown College, sponsored by The High Companies.

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