Monday, October 10, 2011

E-town student inspired by 2011 World Business Forum speakers

by Caitlin Setlock, Elizabethtown College student attendee

As I entered the Javits Center I tried to get the closest seat to the stage with my paper and pen, eager to hear what each speaker had to say. In front of me sat the CEO of Burberry and to the right of me were Bloomberg employees. College students were nowhere to be found. I am so thankful to have the unique opportunity to attend the World Business Forum at such a young age.

All topics were intriguing and full of beneficial advice to enhance your company as well as your personal life. Listening to some of the most successful businesspeople worldwide discuss the steps they took to achieve their career goals helped me understand the importance of innovation and authenticity.

Jack Welch, WBF 2011
An audience member asked Jack Welch, who was the CEO of General Electric for 20 years, what advice would he give young adults for their personal career path:

“Career paths are like a ping pong machine--you are always bouncing from one opportunity to the next,” Welch replied.

Overall he explained that you should keep your values in mind, be highly motivated, and do not be afraid to take the best opportunity for yourself.

As a college student preparing to jump in to the job market with an unstable economy and unemployment at a standstill -- my concerns are high. Jack Welch’s advice along with other speakers gave me inspiration and hope, that no matter the circumstances your goals can be achieved with high drive and determination.

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