Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Five Best Family Business Tweets

by Gale Martin, Director of Marketing and Member Relations, S. Dale High Center for Family Business

Many first-rate publications Tweet their content
on Twitter, one article at a time.
Day in and day out, our High Center Twitter feed coughs up some inspired content which is then aggregated into The Family-Business Daily online broadsheet.

Here's five of my favorite content Tweets from the previous week:
  • 3 Tips for Leading People Older Than You - from the Harvard Business Review. Because I help facilitate a forum for next generation family business leaders, I know this is an important topic. The workforce is aging, and family businesses are known for valuing longevity with their employees.
  • Experience Gained Outside the Family Business Can Be a Plus - from Crain's Cleveland Business, which looks at issues affecting the entrepreneurial economy. 
  • How I Nearly Tripled My Blog Traffic - by Ken Mueller at the Inkling Media blog. In the true spirit of social media (which is give more than you get) Ken shares some wonderful tools and what are sure to become best practices for social media marketers.
  • Does Entrepreneur Education Have Value? Can It Be Taught? - by Babson College. The Executive Director of the High Center Mike McGrann, formerly a professor at Babson, absolutely concurs that it can and should be taught. That's why he teaches a New Venture Creation class at Elizabethtown College now. For senior execs who want their next generation to exhibit more of their own enterprising spirit, this is an important read.
  • Entitlement on Steroids -  by Paul and David Karofsky. This is a bald-faced look at "an attitude of noblesse oblige gone awry" among next generation family business leaders.
So there you have it! Happy reading, and if you aren't following these folks on Twitter, if you don't have time for Twitter, all you need do is subscribe to The Family-Business Daily--it arrives every day in your preferred email Inbox.

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