Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five best family-business tweets

Gale Martin
by Gale Martin, Marketing Director, S. Dale High Center for Family Business

Every day, world-class publications post links to great articles which I obtain through our High Center Twitter feed. A nifty application created by organizes selected Tweets into an online broadsheet called The Family-Business Daily.

There's abundant content daily to be exploited by family business executives and managers. In an effort to get some of it--any of it--into the hands of busy family business leaders, I've created a short list of the best articles culled from our Twitter feed this week, in the event you don't have a Twitter feed or are too busy to follow yours.

Here are my five picks over the last week:
  1. Harvard Business Review blog -- "The Only Thing That Really Matters" by Tony Schwartz, an excellent article on the topics of  Managing yourself, Organizational culture, and Work life balance. If you've ever had your buttons pushed--almost inexplicably--or you've forgotten why your employees come to work every day, you need to read this article.
  2. Entrepreneur Magazine -- "100 Brilliant Companies" including this feature on how a Chester Springs, Pennsylvania-based wine company called Yellow+Blue Is Making a Difference in the Wine Business. Every next generation family business leader should read at least a dozen of these profiles, to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.
  3. Inc. Magazine -- "What You Can Learn from an NBA Coach" -- Seven Leadership Lessons from Coach Avery Johnson.
  4. The Exuberant Accountant -- "Is Increasing the Tax Rate for the Rich the Answer to Decreasing the Deficit?" McKonly and Asbury partner Scott Heintzelman's argument against prevailing wisdom that the federal government needs to tax the most wealthy among us.
  5. Harvard Business Review -- "Nine Things Successful People Do Differently," another fabulous post by motivational psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson, an oldie but goodie that keeps being Retweeted.
So, happy reading. Feel free to comment if you read any of these pieces and found them insightful.

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